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We can provide both functional installation of projectors and screens as well as provide support for permanent video art installations. We have the skills and experience to perform precise and highly detailed work required.for gallery and museum quality installations. We have the physical skills that involve mounting and measuring and the technical skills involved in lenscalculations, projection mapping etc.. Our staff possess an understanding of the subtleties.involved in helping an artist realize their vision. Finally, we can also provide the equipment. needed to play content with 99.9 percent reliability over extended periods of time.

Audio Installation and Systems Integration

We can install audio for night club, store, restaurant or any other venue. We can provide line array systems, wall or ceiling mounted speaker systems. We can provide the complete integration of audio and video, provide zone controls and systems with phone or Ipad apps to control all of the functions you need.

Cameras, Signage and Lighting Installations

We also install security cameras, remote-controlled cameras for any use, DVR’s etc.. We can provide systems which can be monitored from your phone in real time. We also work with digital signage, architectural lighting and can integrate it all.

Work We Do


  • Legacy Real Estate Partners
  • Globe Theater
  • Down N Out
  • The Eagle
  • Academy Cathedral
  • UC Irvine Art Gallery

What We Do

We work with Nightclubs, Restaurants, theaters, church and retail outlets. We can provide integrated audio, video and camera systems. We can provide systems that are user friendly and have all of the latest features and can be controlled via mobile devices. Ease of use and accessibility are our primary goals.

We also work with museums and art galleries, retail stores and real estate owners To provide permanent video and art installations. We have the experience with Video mapping and a variety of devices and technologies to play content that runs 24/7/365.