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Contract Terms

All Sales are Final.

All equipment is the responsibility of the lessee.

Lessee agrees to use the equipment for its proper and intended use.

Lessee agrees to transport equipment responsibly.

All damage is the responsibility of the lessee.

Lessee is responsible for all software updates and compatibility issues when using our equipment.

Lessee understands and agrees to have charges for missing or damaged equipment deducted from security deposit.

Deposits will be returned after the equipment is tested.

Lessee acknowledges they have had the opportunity to test all equipment prior to leaving the premises.

The Lessee agrees to Hold the Lessor Harmless in any and all situations or events.  Lessee agrees the lessor is not responsible for any lost revenues etc.

This constitutes the entire agreement unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

Payment in full is required 48 hours prior to load in and setup.    Will refund 100% up to one week.

Prior to loading in.   Will refund 90% less than one week but more than 48 hours prior to load in.

No refunds for cancellation less than 48 hours prior to loading in for event.

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