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  • Concerts and Performances
  • Corporate Events
  • Film Sets
  • Film Screenings
  • Integrated Events
  • Weddings & Private Events

Work We Do

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Brand Activations

We support every type of brand you can think of…. Fashion, art, technology, etc…..Brands are the heart of what we do. We use sound, video and lighting to create a fantastic, memorable experience for every event and every client.


Tour Packages

We have everything you need to go on tour. We have the backline, consoles, and wireless as well as video gear you need. You can do one stop shopping. We can create a tour package that will get your show on the road.


Concerts and Performances

We can provide Line array speaker systems, digital consoles, wireless microphones and In Ear Monitor systems to make a large or small concert a success. We have the ability to scale up or down to handle everything from small single stage performance to a multiple stage festival.


Corporate Events

We are able to provide large scale installations for conventions and corporate events. We have the ability to do large screens, multiple breakout rooms and will work with each event to provide the solution that will work for your needs.


Film Sets

We are always working on film sets. We have worked on many TV shows and feature films,, as well as countless music videos and commercials. We have the high lumens feature rich projectors and large format screens. We can also provide LED walls for film shoots.
We have the expertise with video signal and we know how to work with camera and post to make every film shoot a success.


Film Screenings

Besides working on set we often will provide projectors and screens for premieres, screenings, and film festivals. We know how to help film makers put their best foot forward when screening their latest project.


Integrated Events

This is a very important topic!!! Many events that we work on require a variety of skills. We often provide all the audio, video, and lighting in a one stop shop. We can provide videography, record audio and provide live streaming services. All at the same time when needed! We understand how to make AV work for an event that has a live audience, a live stream and a recorded component.


Weddings & Private Events

We provide sound lighting and projection services for small events as well. We always have the time and inventory to service your wedding, anniversary or any other private event that you have. We want every event to be a success.